Only Those Who Will Risk Going Too Far Can Possibly Find Out How Far One Can Go

Only Those Who Will Risk Going Too Far Can Possibly Find Out How Far One Can Go

Human beings are the finest creation of the Almighty Lord. Each of us is unique, not only in how we look but also in our thoughts, personalities, and outlook on different situations. Despite many differences, certain things are similar in all of us. For example, we all want to be happy and spend a comfortable life, free from all the sadness or dangers to our well-being.

Hence, in pursuit of staying comfortable, we try to avoid exposing ourselves to risk or taking chances that might help us reach new horizons of success. The idea of trying and experiencing different things is frightening to many; their mind restricts them from stepping out of their comfort zone by painting a scary image of failure or uneasiness resulting from doing new things.

As a result, many individuals become prisoners of their comfort zone and never muster the courage to take risks that might help them build the life of their dreams. In the aforementioned quote, T.S. Eliot reminds us that taking risks is the only way to discover our true potential and enable us to achieve our goals.

Where Does the Quote Come From?

The quote is widely attributed to Thomas Stearns Eliot and is found in his book ‘Preface to Transit of Venus: Poems by Harry Crosby,’ published in 1931.

Of course one can ‘go too far’ and except in directions in which we can go too far there is no interest in going at all; and only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out just how far one can go.

Who Was T.S. Eliot?

Thomas Stearns Eliot was a poet, essayist, playwright, publisher, editor, and literary critic. Eliot is one of the eminent poets of English-language Modernist poetry, which included new themes and was open-ended about their meanings.

Eliot was born in the USA and studied at Harvard University. In 1914, he went to England and worked as an editor till the end of his life. He gained attention from local and international audiences after he published his poem, “The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock,” in 1915. After that, he published many of his famous poetries, which include, ‘The Waste Land,’ ‘The Hollow Men,’ ‘Ash Wednesday,’ and ‘Four Quarters.’

Besides being famous for Modernist poetry, Eliot was also an excellent playwright. He created 7 remarkable plays, out of which ‘Murder in Cathedral,’ and ‘The Cocktail Party,’ received tremendous responses from the audience and critics.

In 1948, T. S. Eliot was awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature for “his outstanding, pioneer contribution to present-day poetry.”

What Is the Meaning of the Quote?

The quote reveals a simple formula of testing one’s strength and potential by taking risks and stepping out of their comfort zone. We all admire the successful people around us and often get deeply inspired by them to achieve success. However, deep down, we feel we are not as capable as those accomplished individuals in turning our dreams into reality. Such thoughts emerge in our minds due to our great attachment to our comfort zones, the anxiety of taking risks, and the possibility of failure.

Becoming too comfortable with our lives slowly tarnishes our mind and prevents us from trying new things, exploring different horizons, and discovering our hidden strengths. The idea of taking the risk to follow our dreams intimidates us. Our mind considers risks and taking chances as a threat. As a result, whenever we think about doing something different or stepping out of our comfort zones, our brain scares us by reminding us of the possibility of failure and embarrassment. Many individuals give in to this fear of failure and stay content with their lives; instead of striving to improve them.

Comfort is an addictive drug that keeps us stagnant for the rest of our lives. The following quote by John A. Shedd eloquently expresses that we are not meant to befriend comfort and deter our growth. Instead, we should unleash our potential and identify our strengths by accepting different challenges and exposing ourselves to risks:

A ship in harbor is safe, but that’s not what ships are built for

John A. Shedd

Passion is an integral ingredient in the recipe of success. However, passion without action will never transform your vision into reality. You must take risks, encounter uncomfortable challenges, and even face minor setbacks to ultimately achieve your goals. Only then you’ll be able to uncover your true potential and unique abilities to conquer all the adversities you meet in your journey towards your goals.

Why Stepping Out of Your Boundaries is Essential to Grow in Life?

A person can never grow from staying within their comfort zone’s boundaries. You must become uncomfortable and experience different challenges to become a better and wiser version of yourself as you age. Being captive to your comfort will shackle you to work for your goals and build the life of your dreams. As a result, you will give up on your dreams and choose to stay where you are for the rest of your lives.

Choosing comfort over risks and uncertainties might seem like a good idea to many people. However, this choice brings nothing but regret and disappointment in the future. Many people blame themselves for not making the optimum use of their time and pushing their stride to excel in life. Hence, to avoid feeling bitter about yourself or inferior to accomplished people in your life, don’t be afraid to take risks. Sacrificing your today’s comfort will reap you better and long-lasting results in the future. 

Get action. Seize the moment. Man was never intended to become an oyster.

Theodore Roosevelt

3 Simple Ways to Quit Your Comfort Zone and Enter Growth Zone

It is a daunting and nerve-racking idea to do and experience things you have never done before. For instance, a person hesitating to talk to new people will get jitters when asked to mingle with strangers. Or asking an obese person to go to the gym and exercise amongst many judgmental gazes. The thought of doing things out of our comfort zone makes us view them as dangerous.

However, when we crush such fears and muster the courage to experience new things, we feel happy and confident about ourselves. Moreover, as we step outside our comfort zone, the things that once scared us, becomes our new normal.

Always do what you are afraid to do

Ralph Waldo Emerson

1.    List The Things That Scare You

The first step to exiting your comfort zone is to be clear about doing things that make you anxious. For this purpose, converse with yourself about your fears that hold you back from pursuing your passions. For instance, you can write down that you are afraid to talk to your boss about the position you want to work in, or in a specific department, etc.

After preparing the list, review each item and analyze the root cause of fear. By doing so, you will realize that most of your fears, anxiety and uneasiness are just in your mind to stop you from doing something new and expanding your comfort zone.

Fear is only as deep as the mind allows.

Japanese Proverb

2.    Set Goals and Take Action

Once you have identified your fears, your next step is to set realistic goals and create an action plan that doesn’t overwhelm your brain. Take small steps every day to get closer to your objectives and crush all the negative thoughts your mind generates to keep you safe in your comfort shell.

3.    Remind Yourself of Your Strengths

Leaving your comfort zone and exposing yourself to risks and new experiences is daunting and might overwhelm you. You will feel nervous, and your mind will trick you into giving up on trying different things and seeking refuge in your comfort.

During such times, stay strong and remind yourself that you are stronger than your fears. Moreover,think about your strengths and challenges you already overcame independently. Reminding yourself of your qualities and problem-solving skills are excellent ways to boost your confidence and encourage you to keep going until you have conquered all your fears.