How Wonderful It Is That Nobody Need Wait a Single Moment Before Starting to Improve the World

How Wonderful It Is That Nobody Need Wait a Single Moment Before Starting to Improve the World

Human beings are blessed with the ability to dream and transform their lives. We are superior to all the other creatures in terms of using our intellect and taking the right steps to change our circumstances. Now, it is up to us how we utilize our resources and time for the betterment of our lives.

Most individuals point out and complain about the shortcomings in our society. While few wise people try to change their circumstances without worrying about the results. They do not sit back and criticize; they take the first step towards improvement.

If we look around us, there are numerous issues in today’s day and age. However, we believe it is beyond our control to transform the world. Yet, we forget that we are the only mortals capable of changing our situations and turning our vision into reality. The aforementioned quote revolves around the idea that instead of worrying about the escalating problems on the planet, we can collectively take small actions right at this very moment and bring about the change that we always dreamed of.

Where Does the Quote Originate from?

The quote is widely attributed to Anne Frank. However, these words are not found in Anne Frank’s diary, titled ‘Anne Frank the Diary of a Young Girl,’ where she wrote about her life in a secret Annex, hiding from Nazis.

Who Was Anne Frank?

Annelies Marie Frank was a Jewish girl born in Frankfurt, Germany. When Anne was four, she had to leave her birthplace and move to Amsterdam, Netherlands, because of the rise of Adolf Hitler in Germany. In 1940, during World War II, Germany occupied the Netherlands and created problems for Jews. Due to increasing political tension and safety issues, the Frank family couldn’t move out of Amsterdam.

By 1942, Jews were sent into concentration camps, and many were murdered ruthlessly. Otto Frank, Anne’s father, went into hiding with his family in concealed rooms behind the bookcase where he worked. The family stayed there for 2 years, disconnected from the outside world to stay safe.

During this time, Anne expressed her feelings, desires, and fears to a fictional character called ‘Kitty’ in her diary. In August 1944, the Frank family was arrested and sent to the concentration camp. In November, Anne and her sister were separated from their family and sent to a different camp; both Anne and her sister contracted Typhus and died in February or early March.

Otto Frank was the only survivor of the family after the war. After his return to Amsterdam, he found Anne’s diary and decided to turn his late daughter’s wish of becoming a writer into reality. In 1947, Anne’s diary was published in the Dutch language. Later on, in 1952, the diary was translated and published in English. Today, Anne’s diary is available in more than 70 languages and is read by millions worldwide.

What is the Meaning of the Quote?

Improvement or transformation of something always appears difficult until it is done. Many of us have a misconception that changing the world requires some superpower or the influence of mysterious forces. Because of this mistaken belief, many individuals shy away from doing something meaningful. They think that their small contributions or actions won’t bring phenomenal results.

Always remember that a good deed never goes to waste. Your actions might not change the world, but, they have the power to impact someone’s life. For instance, giving food to a homeless person on the street wouldn’t end world hunger. However, it will help the poor person to sleep with a full stomach. That’s why whenever you get an opportunity to do something helpful, never let it go, as it can soothe the pain and mitigate the suffering of people around you

No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.


The change we wish to see doesn’t occur overnight or by taking major leaps. Instead, it results from taking small steps consistently with a vision of betterment. Thus, do not wait for the right moment if you want to change your life or the world.

Do the difficult things while they are easy, and do the great things while they are small. A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step.

Lao Tzu

Should We Wait for The Right Time to Change Our Lives?

Waiting for the right time is one of the biggest hoaxes humans fall for. Many individuals promise to adopt a new habit or pursue their goals at a specific time. For example, many college students decide to work on their hobbies after their exams. Similarly, many people plan to start a business after turning 35, having saved a certain amount of money, or after their retirement, etc.  

If you plan to do something at the right time, you will spend your entire life doing nothing. That’s because there is no such thing as a good or bad time. Time is the same for every person on the earth. It is entirely up to us how we utilize our time and make the most of it.

The right time is any time that one is still so lucky as to have.

Henry James

 The only outcome of waiting for the perfect time is that you will waste your precious time. Moreover, you will constantly come up with excuses instead of creating an action plan to transform your dreams into reality.

3 Simple Ways to Make Our World a Better and Happier Place

Bringing a change into the world doesn’t require a handsome amount of money or dedicating your entire time to people’s welfare. It requires small and simple actions from every individual to mitigate the common problems that we experience today. Here are a few easy yet effective steps that you can take to play your part towards the betterment of this planet.

1.    Aim to Make At least One Person Happy Everyday

One of the best ways to bring positivity into the world is to spread happiness among people in your life. Making someone happy doesn’t cost anything; in fact, bringing a smile to someone’s face is the most beautiful gift you can give them.

You can visit your family members, catch up with an old friend over a phone call, or play with kids to make them happy. Simply make time for your loved ones and assure them of your presence in their life to keep them content.

Always remember that happiness is contagious; if you make just one person happy, you motivate them to share their joy with others. The following quote by Anne Frank beautifully expresses the ripple effect of happiness:

A person who’s happy will make others happy; a person who has courage and faith will never die in misery.

Anne Frank

2.    Refrain from Harming and Bullying People

Passing hurtful and mean comments to people on social media has become extremely common these days. Many young individuals think it is funny to mock someone’s appearance or profession. Such activities are disrespectful and a precursor to crushing someone’s self-esteem. Hence, always be mindful of your words and never send demeaning or rude messages to anyone.

3.    Play Your Part to Solve Environmental Issues

Environmental issues have multiplied manifold, and we might have to face their catastrophic consequences in the near future. A few major problems include Global warming, impure air quality, pollution and the diseases resulting from it, etc.

An individual alone cannot eradicate these serious problems. However, if we all collectively participate and become mindful of our activities, we can surely improve the planet. Small steps like planting new trees, disposing of waste properly, and recycling and reusing things can considerably reduce pollution.