Life Is Like Riding a Bicycle to Keep Your Balance, You Must Keep Moving

Life Is Like Riding a Bicycle to Keep Your Balance, You Must Keep Moving

Birth and death are two phenomena over which humans have no control. We cannot decide where and when we are born and who our family will be. The same is the case with death; no one knows when their time on this earth will come to an end or how their souls will depart.

However, we have been granted complete power over the time between our births and deaths. It is up to us how we spend our lives and make the most of it. Wise people focus on what they have and use their resources to solve their problems. As a result, they excel further and fulfill their dreams. On the contrary, most people spend their entire lives complaining about their difficulties and never try to move past them to achieve their goals.

Always remember that we have a limited time on this earth. Thus, we must be mindful of every single second and never waste it thinking about the past or the choices that cannot be undone. Instead, you must focus on what lies ahead to make the most of your life, just as Albert Einstein suggests in the aforementioned quote.

Where Does The Quote Come From?

The aforementioned quote is usually attributed to Albert Einstein and is in fact found in the book ‘Einstein: His Life and Universe,’ written by Walter Isaacson and published on September 4th, 2008. Einstein wrote a letter to comfort his son, Eduard, who was heartbroken about a recent relationship and eventually got depressed. Einstein advised his son to find the strength to move on from the failed relationship and continue with his life:

“Even a genius like Schopenhauer was crushed by unemployment,” he wrote. “Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving.” Chapter Sixteen, Turning Fifty 1929–1931, Section Companion, page 337

Who Was Albert Einstein?

Albert Einstein was a world-renowned physicist who laid the foundation for modern physics and introduced many groundbreaking theories. Einstein began his career in 1902 as a junior examiner at the Swiss Patent office. He produced mind-blowing theoretical work, which provided the fundamentals for 20th-century physics.

In 1905, Einstein earned his doctorate from the University of Zurich and published 4 research papers that made him famous among scientists, researchers, and physicists worldwide. His research papers explained the photoelectric effect, Brownian motion, special relativity, and mass-energy equivalence.

In 1915, he published his famous general theory of relativity, which further attracted him worldwide fame and uncovered revolutionary ideas for physics. Einstein received a Nobel Prize for his numerous contributions and discoveries, especially his photoelectric effect work. His theories laid the groundwork for producing an atomic bomb; however, Einstein didn’t actively participate in producing a nuclear bomb. His fame increased manifold in the postwar years, and he was even offered to become Israel’s first prime minister. He refused the offer and became a staunch supporter of nuclear disarmament throughout his life.

What Is The Meaning Of The Quote?

Being stuck in a traffic jam is one of the most irritating experiences. It makes us anxious, angry, and impatient for the traffic to clear up so we can reach our destination. However, sometimes we humans unknowingly get jammed in the journey of our lives and refuse to move forward towards the future.

Our minds are trapped in the past, thinking about our mistakes, heartbreak, or from the grief of losing a loved one. This stagnancy and reluctance to move on complicates our lives and instils uneasiness, unhappiness, and even bitterness for ourselves. Instead of focusing on the present and working on our future, we keep our minds busy contemplating our past choices and actions that affected us.

In this quote, Einstein has shared a simple formula to prevent making our lives miserable and stagnant. The quote suggests that you must keep moving forward in life, despite tough events and challenging situations. Refraining from pushing forward will not solve any problems or soothe your pain. Instead, it will only worsen your situation and damage your mental health. Thus, whenever life presents you with tough challenges, keep going and never stop fighting them until you conquer all immediate adversities.

The Positive Side of Negative Situations in Our Life

 Human beings have a complicated nature. We tend to get bored with monotony and repetition. For instance, eating the same food or following the same routine everyday exhausts us mentally. Every person yarns for variety in life, so that they never feel bored.

However, when it comes to life and emotions, we all want a happy and comfortable life. The mere thought of facing adversity makes us shudder. It is a wonderful thought to be happy each day and never experience an ounce of sadness. But such a life will never make you appreciate the value of good times or help you grow.

Negative situations in life are the best teachers. They help us learn from our mistakes and give us the strength to move forward with more clarity and experience. Unfortunately, many individuals consider their mistakes and negative experiences as failures that need to be avoided at all costs. Hence, instead of learning from those circumstances, they become their captives and waste their time pitying or punishing themselves.

The only difference between the saint and the sinner is that every saint has a past, and every sinner has a future.

Oscar Wilde

Thinking about past failures robs you of your time, focus, and energy to work towards your goals. Thus, never indulge yourself into evaluating the past so much that it lowers your self-esteem or makes you feel guilty for not doing better. Look at your past as a teaching opportunity which allows you to make better decisions in the present for a positive future. Make peace with your past, unburden yourself from remorse, and shift your focus on building a better tomorrow, for yourself, and everyone around you.

What lies behind us, and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.

Henry S. Haskins

The quote mentioned above beautifully explains that our past doesn’t define us. It’s our mindset and personality that matter the most.

3 Powerful Ways to Live a Peaceful Life

A happy life is nothing more than an illusion. That’s because it is impossible to be happy every single day of your life. There will be some days when you will feel disturbed, sad, or irritated. Hence, instead of aiming for a happy life, revert your focus to making your life peaceful and positive.

When you are at peace with yourself, positivity and happiness will eventually flow into your life in abundance. The following are a few ways to transform your restless life into a positive and peaceful one:

1.    Take Care of Your Physical and Mental Health

The first step towards a peaceful life is to prioritize your health. Many young adults neglect their health when attending to their busy schedules. Binge-eating junk food, unhealthy sleep patterns, and excessive use of technology damage your body and brain. Consequently, you will often feel irritated even at the slightest inconvenience in your personal or professional life. Always take care of your body to stay healthy, active, and free of chronic diseases.

2.    Never Suppress Your Emotions

Human beings harbor an entire galaxy of different emotions within themselves. It is natural to feel upset, angry, or irritated on some days. Our emotions indicate an underlying issue we might not be dealing with. Hence, instead of dismissing your feelings, try to uncover why you feel that way and what you can do to feel better. Managing your emotions will allow you to feel content with yourself and remove the problems that disturb you.

3.    Practice Gratitude

One of the most powerful ways to feel happy is by practicing gratitude. When we count our blessings and strengths, we feel grateful and happy for the things we have. Another benefit of gratitude is that we give up comparing our lives with others. Comparison destroys our mental peace and makes us forget about the things which we already have. Gratitude, on the other hand, always keeps us mindful of how much we already have.